Tuesday, September 6, 2011


1. Open your current read to random page
2. Select (2) sentences to share with everyone, share author and book title too!
3. No spoilers.


"If there isn't one already, we could build one." Ariel said only half teasing until the moment clouds covered the moon snd his eyes went dark. "We'll find paradise together, whatever form that might take"

So Silver Bright  by Lisa Mantchev


  1. Natasha said...
    Great teaser! I seen this book around for a bit and I can't get over how stunning the cover is. I want it just to look at. Are you enjoying it so far??
    Natasha said...
    P.S Thanks for stopping by my hop!

    LunaMoth said...
    Im loving it, im near done.
    Shirley said...
    How sweet.

    Here's mine: Teaser Tuesday.
    Kimberly said...
    let me star by saying thanks for stopping by my blog I love your teaser sounds like a good book

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