Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday

Emperor of Thorns 
Author - Mark Lawerence
Series - The Broken Empire #3
Genre - Fantasy
Release Date - August 1 2013

To reach the throne requires that a man journey. Even a path paved with good intentions can lead to hell, and my intentions were never good.

The Hundred converge for Congression to politic upon the corpse of Empire, and while they talk the Dead King makes his move, and I make mine. The world is cracked, time has run through, leaving us clutching at the end days, the future so bright that those wh...o see it are the first to burn. These are the days that have waited for us all our lives. These are my days. I will stand before the Hundred and they will listen. I will take the throne whoever seeks to thwart me, living or dead, and if I must be the last emperor then I will make of it such an ending.

This is where the wise man turns away. This is where the holy kneel and call on God. These are the last miles, my brothers. Don't look to me to save you. Don't think I will not spend you. Run if you have the wit. Pray if you have the soul. Stand your ground if courage is yours. But don't follow me.

 Follow me, and I will break your heart.


I have just started getting into this series and I find i really do like it, so even though I am only a little ways in, I know I like it enough ti anticipate the third novel. Swords, assassins, plots.. what is not to like?


  1. The Book Rogue said...
    Hmmm... It does sound good. It has everything a good fantasy book should have. And that character sure is twisted. Very nice pick! Thanks for stepping by and sharing! =)
    Maji Bookshelf said...
    ooh! this is actually the first time i hear about this series, not sure its my type of book though!
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf
    Book Sake said...
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    Maria Behar said...
    Hey, LunaMoth!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my WOW!

    And now I have to tell you...I almost picked this book!! For real. I didn't, though, because the dragons won out. But I definitely like this one, too! So it's great that you decided to feature it! Great minds think alike, right? Lol. Anyway, I think that the fantasy genre is one of the best in the reading world, so choices in this category will always WOW me!! Nothing like getting away from reality!!

    Hope Santa stuffs a fantasy book this Christmas!! :)
    Book Sake said...
    This sounds like a great fantasy series that I could get into!

    Our WoW is at Book Sake. –Jessica
    Anonymous said...
    This is one of the best Fantasy series ever.
    Kristin A. said...
    I haven't heard of this series before. I'm going to check it out though after reading some of these comments!!

    Here is my WoW
    brandileigh2003 said...
    Haven't heard of this one, but cover is awesome.
    Hope you get to read it soon!
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog
    Alise said...
    I haven't heard of this series, but it sounds amazing! I love books like this, gerat pick!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Megan said...
    SOunds like an interesting read, for sure! Thanks for stopping by my WOW :)

    Jenni said...
    This series is new to me, it sounds pretty intense. Great pick!
    Debbie's World of Books said...
    Interesting pick. I hope you enjoy it!
    Micheline said...
    Hmmm this sounds really great!! It's a new one for me so thanks for spotlighting it & thanks for stopping by earlier. Sorry it took me so long to get back :)

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

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